With more that 40 years combined experience in the seamless epoxy flooring industry, Carolina Flooring Specialists has installed more than 2 million square feet of our special high performance flooring in some of the finest homes and companies in the Southeast.  Carolina Flooring Specialists has installed over 7,000  residential flooring projects in garages, basements, sunrooms, mechanical rooms etc...

We believe:

  • Providing a "perfect" product to our customers is essential to our success

  • Working together as a team is just as important

  • Our team consists of individuals who do it right... consistently

  • Doing it right the first time is much better, and easier, than doing it again

  • Responding to the customers sometimes goes beyond the normal 9 - 5 work day

  • Every home or business in which we work, will be treated as if it is our very own