Concrete Stain

You'll love your floor...guaranteed.

CFS specializes in superior concrete acid stain for residential, commercial and industrial use. CFS Superior Concrete Acid Stain High Performance Flooring System blends with any decor and follows architectural lines, immediately adding that extra touch that makes your home warm and inviting. Available in so many colors yet each floor is so (864) 404-8158 today for a FREE estimate.

It's easy to see how much character and individuality a CFS superior concrete acid stain performance flooring system can add to your home or business, inside and outside. Follows any architectural lines or landscaping to add a natural look to your patio, basement, parking lot, storefront, name it. What a dramatic difference...and for the lowest prices anywhere!

Call (864) 404-8158 today to schedule a time to discuss your project with us. Free estimates are available on all our high-performance flooring systems.