Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to install a typical garage floor?

It takes 2 days to install your new custom garage floor.

2. After you install the floor coating, how long before I can get back on it?

You are back on your floor at the end of the second day.

3. Is your system available in different colors?

Yes.  We offer many custom colors for you to choose from.

4. Will my new floor be slippery?

No.  We include slip resistant texture in all our floors.

5. How will I clean my new floor?

Our floors are not only safe, they are very easy to clean.  Simply sweep or blow the debris off the floor and damp mop, if you like.  Our texture is rounded so it mops very easily and doesn't leave mop strings.  Oil and other automotive fluids wipe up with a paper towel.

6. Is Carolina Flooring Specialists a franchise?

No.  We are an independently owned company.  That means we don't have the high overhead associated with being a franchise and can pass those savings along to our customers.  Every flooring situation is different and by being independently owned we can be flexible and offer custom solutions.  Our policies are not dictated by someone in a far away office who is not familiar with our local market and needs.

7. Who will install my new floor?

Carolina Flooring Specialists has it's own installers.  We don't sub out the work to contractors you've never met.  The best of the owners of Carolina Flooring Specialists is on every job ensuring you complete satisfaction.  "We don't send guys...we bring them!"

8. What about the "stuff" in my garage?

No problem.  At no extra charge, we'll clear out your garage before we start and come back at the end of the installation to move all your items back in place.  This includes refrigerators, freezers, tools, lawn & garden equipment, etc...  We'll cover everything to protect it too.  We know you're busy so we do it all!  All we need from you is access to your garage and you can leave everything else to us.

9. Do you give free estimates?

Yes.  We will be more than happy to come to your home or business, at your convenience, to provide a "no cost, no pressure" estimate.  We can show you great pictures of our work plus you can see and touch actual product samples.  Just call us at (864) 404-8158 to schedule a free no obligation appointment today!