"CFS is a company that works great meeting tight scheduling.  We needed to keep our Service Center open for business, so these guys started 10,000 feet of flooring on Friday night and by Monday morning, we were back in business."
Rick - Toyota Dealership

"We tried the home super store system "epoxy" and it failed 3 times.  CFS provided a seamless epoxy system that looks truly professional and it keeps on working and looking great."
Dave - Honda Dealership

 "I plan on using CFS for every home I build.  I want to seperate myself from the other builders.  CFS provides a much better garage flooring system than my Painters.  Their system also looks a lot better and is less expensive.  My home owners love it!"
Charles - Custom Home Builder

 "I'm truly amazed at the dramatic improvement it made in our garage.  The dust and dirt that was in the garage is totally gone.  Now the garage is one of my families favorite "rooms" in our house."
Kathy - Homeowner

 "I'm shocked at the low price!  After adding it all up, CFS is about equal to the cost if I did it myself.  And the CFS system dried overnight instead of 7 days."
Joyce - Homeowner

"We love our garage.  We have made the garage our family room.  I also liked the fact that one of the owners managed the installation.  And the fact that CFS uses experienced installers gave my wife and I a sense of comfort.  It was a great experience all around and we still love our floor."
Tom - Homeowner

 "CFS worked in our church fellowship building.  We had a tight schedule and a tight budget.  CFS provided a great floor that is safe and beautiful.  They also worked it into our schedule and most importantly, into our budget.  I highly recommend CFS."
Pastor Rob - Pastor